Michael Raskin and Associates, LLC, a personal injury and criminal defense firm, takes great pride in providing our clients with service, honesty, and above all, successful results. Experience and reputation of a premier personal injury law firm, with the personalized attention clients expect and deserve. Members of the firm share a common philosophy, “hard work, legal excellence and first-class service are rewarded by superior results and satisfied clients.”

Over the past 20 years of practice we have developed long standing relationships with various firms to achieve the maximum benefits for our clients needs, giving us the ability to handle cases throughout the United States.

Our criminal law backgrounds provide us with the experience and knowledge necessary to hold government and law enforcement agencies responsible for injuries and damages to our clients resulting from false arrest, brutality and other civil rights violations.

At Michael Raskin and Associates, LLC, we evaluate, investigate, and prepare each and every case for trial or settlement. We utilize the services of experienced investigators and nationally renowned medical experts to help us prove your case. To make our clients more comfortable and to better understand your rights, interpreters are always available if necessary.

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